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Nice app

Very clever way to play with kamasutra!




Its really good


Top App. Macht riesig Spaß

Best illustrations

Lots of positions and clear illustrations.

Best kamasutra app

Love it. I just hope it doesnt shut down like it did last time. I wouldnt buy it a third time if it did. Kinda wish we didnt have to buy it a second time for us who already bought it the first time. But its back, and I hope it stays.


Seriously...thee guys give a f**k...quite literally & figuratively

Awesome app

Glad its back on the AppStore!

10$ app

Great app. But over 10$ to purchase everything?! Ridiculous

Excellent App

Clean illustrations and great design.

Dont upgrade

When the app pass from 2.x to 3.0 ive lost all my purchase and cant restore them. Never was fix

Needs work

I originally purchased this app on my iPhone 4S and it worked great. However since upgrading to my iPhone 6, 80% of the pictures dont work and the app is not designed for iOS 8. Disappointed in the ongoing maintenance of this app.


Cant retrieve my old purchases



Great but I finished it

Need more positions. We banged em all out last night. Great for makin sure you dont forget one during a night of sexual rage.

Not bad...

Good enough

Great for marriage

It is fun to explore the gift you get with having wife.

My girlfirend now ejaculates 7 times in one go.

Nuff said


Its really fun to try and play with your partner!

Great App!

Awesome, I love it. Cost too much to get the rest of it though.

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