iKamasutra® - Sex Positions from Kama Sutra and beyond Kamasutra 앱 리뷰


Are you married ? I’m not but i go to do it

App needs to be updated

App needs to be updated to to work with iPhone 10. The pictures of the positions have disappeared for some of them

Pay and get nothing

About 50% of positions don’t have illustrations even for paid upgrades etc. Very necessary! Why pay if they don’t deliver on the add ons?

Shouldn’t Have To Pay Again

I bought this a long time ago, originally with my iPhone 4s. I put it on my iPhone 6 and then my 8. However, when I put it on the 8, all the purchases I’d make were wiped away. Now, if I want all of these things again, I’ll have to pay for it all again. I’m not happy.

Nice, but

Nice, but the full screen is not working right


My girl is 37,being 59 this app got me in shape while taking of business 😵😲


This app is great. Sure it costs quite a bit but I believe it’s worth it. They have not only positions but great ways to show your love that she/he is everything and more. I only have one complaint. The app is very glitchy. Several times the app has crashed. I believe right now they are on 3.3.1. Correct me if I’m wrong. I believe if they update the app this will no longer be an issue.


Great application, need more expansion modules covering a variety of additional topics and role plays


In the bedroom; or, you know… behind a dumpster. Best app of its kind. Classy, creative and thoroughly enjoyed.

Please remove

Please remove from my purchase history thanks

Part of the app doesn’t work.

It is Good. The feature where you can turn the phone to landscape in “random” and get timed positions is not functioning well. Fix this and I will be 5stars.

Love it

Not sure where all the hate is coming from. I’ve had this app for years, and have loved it the entire time. It provides fun ideas without being crude or obscene. I bought the extra content, and thought it was fairly priced. Much appreciated for the awesome app!

Fun, but disappointed in customer service

Good app, fun to use and track your achievements. Just wish they'd restore my in app purchases. Looks like they received free money from a lot of people. 😑

Nice and enough

Very handy collection, enough to fancy your life

Love the app

Its the best go to for sex positions.

Fun and Classy!

This is an outstanding app!!! Don't hesitate and buy it. It has great illustrations with descriptions that help and also games for unlocking other positions. It's fun without being explicit or dirty. Highly recommend it!

Very useful

Great app

Cool beans

Very good, you know, for scientific reasons.




Love the app!😁

Please don't forget about us!!

If seems as if the developer of this app has begun new projects and has placed updating this application as an non-priority. That would be TRAGIC! There are currently other apps in the App Store of its class that are at best....CRUDE! This is the ONLY TASTEFUL app of its class currently in the App Store and to let it lapse would be a mistake! Please Mr. Cesur, don't abandon this application and those of us (& our partners) that still use it!! Thank you!

Good app to spice up your love life


Needs more!

Needs more!

Love it!

Great moves to spice up your sex life. Maybe a gay, lesbian and threesome expansion would be hot. 😊

Great ideas to choose from

The positions look promising and complicated

App muito bom e prático

Divertido e sem muita firula. Ainda tem uma barrinha para acompanhar o seu progresso. Muito bom.

Great App... Glad it's back!!!

Loads of fun... Highly recommend to spice up the bedroom.

Tasteful graphics

Not pornographic but sends the idea of what u will b doing soon I had purchased the windows phone one and was glad this was free

I'm the master ladies

I've had sex with so many girls my phallus is sore. Cool app.

Quite good...

but very expensive in app purchases. Is one of the top erotic apps in App Store. I use without the upgrades.

Cool fun app

It use to be $3 unlocked everything.

Great app for empty nesters!



Uplifting and encouraging, the app needed to get ones interests started -AngelB.Grant

Fun times


All Around Value

I haven't got all the way through the app but I can say it's more than just positions. It even gives you challenges and progress to try and succeed to become a master. No brainer!

thx for let me know hottest way

thx for let me know hottest way

Elegant and useful

Love it


Good so far

So many in app purchases

Thought this would be cool but with all the in app purchases it would cost well over $20 to have everything unlocked. Don't buy

Pretty cool

My girl & I have had some fun with this 😇😇🤔😈😈

Well done!

Fun, descriptive and entertaining. The add-on expense is a little annoying - I would rather pay for the whole thing at once. Aside from that still worth the money for the upside of the "fun" potential.

Omg 😍😍

This app is amazing. My fiancé and I love it. It has definitely made things interesting between us & they were already great.

Great app!

Love the pics and descriptions; very nice app

Great app!

It does indeed spice it up in the bedroom!


Been having sex for some time now.....learned some new moves. He & I both loved it!


Its usefully and completely


Exactly what I was looking for. Lots of ideas without that trashy feel other apps have.

Lots of positions

You have to pay for additional positions, but there's a lot of them. Kinda fun to try them and see where you rank.


Best app ever! ;)

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